Something in Tonight by Terryn Rutford

she’s sitting on a rock just off the sidewalk
watching as the smoke from her cigarette curls to the sky
— wishing she could evaporate as easily

there’s a tree that winds up overhead
just on the other side of the cement
all it’s leaves somehow green despite the black night
— if only living were so easy

a car drives down the crowded street
(there’s no one out)
and stops at the house a few doors down
people from another time walk into their life
they are existing together
she is existing alone

and just across the street
she can see the flashing lights
from yet another time
the narrative of someone else’s story
she’s glimpsing from her rock

tonight before she climbs into a strange bed
the only thing she’ll remember
is the way her cigarette burned her mouth
on the last inhale
just before she almost forgot
what it was like to breathe

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