Reflection by Terryn Rutford

We are drowning in the clogged air of our own inability

And the stocks of regret are building up behind my forward facing resentment

I am simply trying to father together sanity and the broken remnants
of life lying at my feet

on the move
count on me
revolutionary way
keep the peace
is crumbling into a fallen monument

A tribute to
shattered dreams
and stolen innocence

A tribute to all you are
and all that I will never be

Splintered hearts lay piled in the snow
Steaming and bleeding memoirs of unforgotten failures

Ladies and saints
we have gathered here today
to celebrate the lives and faces
of imperfect beauty

And so begins the eulogy of the tragically remembered

and so the glass that had untangled her
jumped off the wall and lay in a million pieces

And this distorted reflection is all I have left of her

My reflection is all I have left

Broken and battered
torn and tattered
All I hae left is my shattered reflection


Like puzzle pieces that have forgotten their pattern
Floating on a tabletop
Scrambling to find their place

But there is only a void of endless confusion
Only the clogged air of their own inability and regret.

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