A wish by Terryn Rutford

The stars came out tonight and shone through the clouds leftover from a long and bitter winter
The moon deepened shadows and cast a world into darkness
This is one of those long, lonely nights
You’re sleeping alone tonight and everywhere you see her
She is behind your eyes, beneath your covers, all over your walls and floor and body
You are sleeping alone
and she is lying next to someone else
You close your eyes and find her in your dreams
You place your pen on paper and find her in your words
There are so many memories to be documented
So many you’d love to forget
This night isn’t like the one before
Tonight you live in awe of the seasons change
and wish transition really worked that way
Let the wind take your burden’s away
Let her slip from behind your eyes
Let the bright stars wash her away
Let the vast moon fill the space that is left
I’ll see you in my dreams you said
I’ll see you next week she said
and you looked at her
and knew
something had changed
nothing would ever be the same.

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