Business and Illness

As I launch into my new business Social Structure Marketing and cross my name with my husband’s name and the business name, it occurs to me that my blogging activity will more than likely cause problems for our business. I could try to find a way around this – go underground with my blog, use a pseudonym for blogging, or new social media accounts, but that would completely undermine the point of Begin Anew.

Mental Illness does not make me incapable of contributing to the world and it does not reflect poorly on my husband. If anything, the fact that we are in a loving, stable relationship shows his devotion, commitment, responsibility, and integrity.

In a book of short stories called Hidden Lives: Coming Out on Mental Illness, Jill Sadowsky writes, “We turned to friends and family for support, but it appeared that although we knew Doron was ill, to most of the world he was crazy, undeserving of much attention. Our thirteen-year-old daughter summed it up: ‘If Doron’s body were hurting, people would send gifts, but because it is his mind, they throw bricks.'” (from “The Last Call”)

The point is, now that we seek to build a business, we will not hide away my problems. People with mental illness are all around you, they manage your portfolio, teach your children, fix your car, do your taxes, clean your houses, design your websites, and manage your social media presence. Being in business does not rid me of depression or anxiety and we will not pretend that it does.

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Today I was working on my newest project, a social media campaign for a good friend of mine who is trying to grow her Real Estate business. She has a large personal network and is great at her job, but her online presence is all but non-existent. Starting from scratch is proving to be a far more daunting task than I had imagined. With tabs for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, the website builder, and company portal all open at the same time, I started to feel like I was moving in circles without really accomplishing anything. I got so frustrated at my lack of progress that I put my computer aside and laid down on the couch with my dogs. I fell asleep for a few minutes, woke up, got some tea and sat back down with my computer feeling a little more clear-headed.

I decided to work on today’s blog post instead of the social media project for a while, but had no clue what today’s topic was going to be. I thought that perhaps if I searched around the internet a bit, read some articles, I might be able to come up with some fresh content for today’s blog. Next thing I know, I’m reading an article on life hacker about how lying down can improve brain function. Need a Creative Boost? Try Lying Down: I’m sold.

How do you get your brain moving when you hit a block?

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