Dropping the Ball

Enter: Vacation, medical procedures, and my first week of school. (School! Did I mention I’m going back to school? Ackkk!)

I’m still here. Still thinking of you all. Still wanting to share my life with you. I’m running short on time these days, so here’s a quick run down of what’s up.

  1. I spent two weeks visiting my mom in Florida. It was gorgeous and fabulous. It mostly looked like this:IMG_2566
  2. Shortly after I got home I had a minor medical procedure from which I am still recovering. I’m okay!
  3. Monday was the first day of my first semester at Adam’s State University in the Master’s of Counseling Education program. Ahhhhh!
  4. I’m learning how to be a student again. This is what that looks like (multitasking):IMG_2621Lecture on the left and blog on the right.  I can do this!
  5. After two weeks and a half weeks away from my hubby (he was away when I got home!) we’ll be taking this long weekend in front of us to spend some quality time together. Which means, I need to finish all my homework before the weekend begins! Guess what? I already did that! I’m working on next weeks assignments. Woohoo!

I’ll be back with something more substantive. Soon. I hope.




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