Dear Readers,

Last week and this week have thrown me some pretty interesting and very disruptive curve balls. Right now, I’m sitting in a hallway/waiting area in an ER in Tucson. It looks like I’ll be having my gallbladder removed some time today or tomorrow. And then I’ll be recovering for about a week I guess.

Things like this always remind me of how incredibly flawed our health system is. Of course, I’ve had plenty of trouble with the mental health system, but I mostly stay out of hospitals.

Four hours in the ER and I only just received any medication, despite my intense pain. And we haven’t been told anything about surgery or what could be wrong with me, besides the very vague, it’s probably your gallbladder.

I feel very uninformed and there’s no one who knows anything to ask.

Still, I am blessed to have excellent health insurance, access to a hospital, and an incredibly supportive and loving husband.

I’ll be back in a few days or so.



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