Very First #LinkYourLife

@ShareenM and @Shawnamawna do a wonderful thing every Friday called #LinkYourLife, which is a Twitter community that encourages discovering new voices in the Twitter and Facebook community. I was so inspired by Shareen’s list this past Friday that I decided to launch my first ever #LinkYourLife Friday. I hope you find something interesting to read and let us know who your favorite is my commenting and sharing on Twitter and Facebook.

Single Writing Mom has started writing love letters to those Facebook friends that she doesn’t see in real life. She wanted to give up Facebook, but didn’t want to give up staying in touch with those people and so she started the “Love Letters to my Facebook Friends Project”. She’s just getting started, but her first letter is funny, sweet, and brought me back to my own youth. I stole this one from ShareenM, but it was just so wonderful!

The Island of Lost Words by Jenny Diski This is a beautiful and moving treatise on the value of words and how they are ravaged by memory. Thought-provoking, lyrical, and tragic. It made me never want to grow old.

Visual Verse The concept? One image, one hour, 50-500 words. Anyone can participate and the results are incredible.

The Homeowner’s Management Company Poetry, writing, and photography from Ann WJ White about the mundane and the magnificent in daily life.

Without an H Exquisite photography from Jon Sanwell as he lives and moves through Southeast Asia. Breathtaking.

Alright, that’s all I have time for today. But now that I plan on doing this every week, I’ll have more time to go through links and read posts to come up with next week’s list.



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