How to Take a Mental Health Day

I didn’t plan on taking a mental health day today. But I guess that’s generally how it works. You wake up and you feel unhappy or frustrated or overwhelmed and realize you need to give yourself a break. And so I did. I got lots of sleep, spent a little time on work I felt like doing, listened to an audiobook while knitting, meditated, colored with new pencils, sat in the sun with Sadie and knit, snuggled with my love bugs, and went to bed early. Here are my basic tenants for a mental health day.

Do not participate in mindless, diversionary activities.
Do activities that inspire you – color, rock climb, knit, draw, write, read, go for a walk, sit in the sun, hike, watch something interesting on TV.

Do not sleep until noon.
Do get plenty of sleep.

Do not guilt yourself for anything – you can worry about exercise, seeing people, and chores another day.
Do spend some time in the sun – walking, running, sitting, sleeping Do anything outside.

Do not eat junk food, fast food, or sugary drinks – Avoid processed food if at all possible.
Do eat good, healthy, whole food.

Do not let anyone convince you to do something you don’t want to do.
Do any of your hobbies that make you feel peaceful, accomplished, and/or happy.

Do not spend time with people who drain your energy.
Do spend time with someone who loves you.

Do not expend more energy than you are fed by the activities you do.
Do relax – take a bath, get a massage, listen to music, write in a journal.

Above all, don’t let anyone tell you you’re not doing it right. And if you don’t think you can take a whole day, then take a mental health hour or even ten minutes. Sit down, take a break, doing something that makes you smile.


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