All I Want for Christmas

The medication roller coaster has begun again. First, I must note that the behavioral health system in this country is still failing me. I still haven’t gotten in to see a psychiatrist as every time I call to see if there are any available walk-in appointments for the next day, they’re all somehow taken. How can a walk-in appointment be scheduled you ask? Yeah, I don’t know. I haven’t gotten a satisfactory answer on that yet.

So, in order to get back on medication before next summer, I got the prescription for the last medication I was on and asked my current doctor to prescribe it for me. He was kind enough to do it for me until I can get in with a psychiatrist.

Mirapex – actually a medication for Restless Leg Syndrome and Parkinson’s, researchers found that this dopamine agonist actually works by affecting motivation and has potential for treatment resistant, rapid-cycling bipolar disorder. *raising hand vigorously* Hey! That’s me! A couple of years ago when I first took this medication, I experienced some real success with it. I’m really hoping that it will work for me again. For now, all it’s doing is throwing side effects at me without helping at all. But it’s early days. I’m extra tired in the morning, extra tired in the evening, and low energy all day. Sounds like the opposite of the goal right? Yeah, I’m really hoping this side effect clears up sooner rather than later.

Here’s hoping, it will clear up in time for Christmas. That might be too optimistic. In the meantime, I’m trying not to forget anything I’m supposed to be doing to prepare for our trip next week. Do you have any flying across the country must-haves or must-dos?


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