We have a little bird taking refuge outside our front door. Every time we open the front door we find it tucked into a corner and it flies off. Erik put a little box out front to help it weather the freezing cold night. I’m wondering why this bird hasn’t flown south for the winter or if the winter is unseasonably cold here in Tucson and the little bird just wasn’t prepared.

When I was a kid I used to create nests in my closet. When I was in trouble, sad, angry, or scared I woud crawl into my closet with a book or a journal and a flashlight. When I moved out on my own and had my own spaces, this seemed unnecessary, but when I moved in with Erik I sought out closet nests again. For comfort.

And now there are many things in which I find comfort, a hot drink, sitting under a blanket made by someone who loves me, cuddling up next to my warm and wonderful husband.

Where do you hunker down when your world is unexpectedly cold and dark?

A smile for your day. The post office kitty.



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