Run Away Day

Dudes, this day took some speed and ran away from me. I started thist post last night and therefore there is absolutely no excuse for not posting until now. I keep trying to tackle the list below, but every time I start one thing I get distracted by ten other things. I’ve made a little bit of progress everywhere, but no major progress anywhere. I just decided to give up and sit down for the first time today. Here’s what I had for you yesterday.

Yesterday was rough. It started out okay, with picking up the dogs and getting them settled at home where they proceeded to sleep all day long. (I kept checking on them because they were so quiet I forgot where they were).

And then I started to think about what needs to happen this week. We’re having a Christmas party on Saturday (I can’t believe this was my idea) and there are a few things that need to happen between now and then.

  1. The house needs to be clean. i.e. the roaming tumbleweeds of dog hair need to be brought under control, yarn and knitting needs to be contained to one preferably hidden area, and the random boxes that are still littered about our living area need to be put away (not unpacked, just disappeared).
  2. I need to come up with a (small) menu of base items to supplement whatever potluck items everyone else brings.
  3. I need to go to the grocery store to get the ingredients for whatever is on said menu.
  4. I need to come up something to do at said party besides standing around and eating food. Erik and I have an aversion to the standard white elephant party so we’ve opted out of that one. But seeing as how that’s really the only activity either one of us have done at a holiday party, we’re (and when I say we, I mean me) having trouble coming up with an alternative. It has been suggested to use that we could have a rock, paper, scissors tournament or a bouncing a ball on a tennis racket contest. But I’m not particularly excited about either of those options and also, they’re not very Christmas-ey.
  5. I need to wrap the gifts I have for the attendees. I need to locate several small boxes for said gifts and also find the tape.
  6. Cooking and baking must also occur before Saturday, but preferably not before Friday, which is an off Friday, so cooking and baking will be moved to Thursday so Friday can be spent with my beloved.
  7. Really, cleaning is the most important thing. There is a significant dearth of cabinets, closets, and drawers in this house and so piles of things have developed in pretty much every room. Also, our couch came with an abnormal number of throw pillows and now there is a leaning tower of them sitting in the corner of the living room so they don’t get in the way. They will need to be relocated. I’ll need to be careful that I actually clean rather than simply moving things around so it looks like I did something…

Also, I keep trying to “clean up” my knitting, only to have it explode all over the couch again as soon as I sit down next to it. It’s a problem. Please tell my husband I tried.

I don’t think the dog hair tumbleweeds will be brought under control. They are creating little hairball dogs and running in packs. They like to congregate under the living room table.

The dogs themselves are still very sleepy. I am also very sleepy. I will endeavor to do better tomorrow. Send energizing thoughts.


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