Let’s pretend for a second that this picture wasn’t taken in my living room on Sunday evening after we had returned from Albuquerque. And that it means, once again, I failed to take a single picture the entire time we were away.


And no, I don’t have a picture of Erik’s ugly sweater. We got some misinformation and it wasn’t so much an ugly sweater Christmas party as it was just a Christmas party, and Erik wasn’t allowed to change out of his uniform. I wore mine anyway. It makes me smile.

We had a lovely trip, visiting with friends, celebrating the holiday, and above all, eating. I’m pretty sure all I did on Saturday was eat. I woke up at the hotel and ate breakfast and then met friends for lunch, went to the holiday concert, and then went to dinner with some other friends.

Have I mentioned that every time we go back to Albuquerque we have trouble sleeping? We usually stay on base because it’s free, but the hotels on base are all former dormitories. Each room has two rooms connected by the bathroom, which is awkward. You have to walk through the bathroom to get from the bedroom to the living area. The beds are all old and very uncomfortable. But worst of all the walls are all incredibly thin to the point where you can hear people snoring and televisions no matter what level the volume. We’ve stayed at friends’ houses a few times, but have found that it takes more than two nights to get used to the sounds of somebody else’s house and we usually don’t sleep well there either. So this time, we decided enough was enough. We got a room at the Sheraton in the center of town and it was lovely. Room service, seventh floor views, comfy beds, luggage carts, noon check out. We’re not picky, just partial to sleep. It still wasn’t a perfect nights sleep; it was still a hotel room away from our comfy bed. But it was better than any of the other sleeps we’ve had when visiting since we’ve moved away.

I haven’t been sleeping well these days anyway. I’ve been so stressed out over the last couple of weeks that I keep waking up in the middle of the night panicking. I’ll wake up with one thought in my head and then I won’t be able to stop thinking about it. How do you stop your anxiety when it happens in the middle of the night and wakes you up? It’s totally cheating.

We’re not the only ones who came home tired from the weekend.


She walked in the door and laid down. She hasn’t moved since. I guess a strange kennel with dozens of dogs barking all night long can’t be very restful. I wonder if they slept at all.


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