“Early” mornings & Happy Friday

We’re headed out for the weekend to visit friends and so Erik can attend drill. The dogs are off to the kennel and as soon as Erik gets home from work (any minute now), we’ll be loading up the car and dashing off to Albuquerque. There’s a lovely bruncheon tomorrow with some of my favorite people, followed by a holiday concert. Sunday I’ve heard news of an ugly Christmas sweater party and I have just the thing. I will endeavor to remember my camera and to use it.

I’m going to sound spoiled rotten for just a second – I hate getting up before 9am. For the obvious reasons, I like sleep. And for less obvious reasons, whenever I get up before 9am, even if it’s only 8 or 8:30 am (as it was today), I wake up feeling sick. This morning I woke up at 8:15am and immediately started to feel nauseated and light headed. I continued about my day (whilst feeling sick), dropped off the dogs, went to the grocery to grab a few things for the trip, and at the store I barely made it to the bathroom before throwing up. I felt incrimentally better, finished my trip came home and now I’m here, sipping gingerale on the couch writing to you. I still feel queasy and I’m not sure about eating anything. But I know I’m not really sick. It’s just my body’s very odd reaction to waking up before my normal appointed time. I’ll feel better in a few hours. Does this type of thing happen to anyone else?

I’ll be knitting Christmas ornaments like mad all weekend (there’s a plan and a deadline for them) and I threw yarn for some bootees and perhaps a hat in there for my new little cousin William.

Happy Friday everyone!


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