Mental Health of the World

In light of the utter chaos that occurs every day all around the world, no more so than in the last few weeks, it feels small to talk about mental health. There are so many people starving, struggling to survive, and dying in extreme and violent ways. It can seem insignificant to discuss and worry about other problems.

And then I remember that mental health would go a long way to making our world a better place. If emotionally wounded people could be helped and healed and loved, there would be far less violence in the world. If we could speak and act towards each other with love and kindness, there would be far less fear and misunderstanding between us. If we could learn to accept people of all backgrounds, lifestyles, and ideologies, then we might have hope of peace.

As it is, news all over is full of death and destruction. It is not all that is happening and certainly the news is tailored, but it is happening. And more of the world’s population is in danger with each minute that passes.
In the middle of this gratitude season, I must remember to cherish those around me with love and action. I invite you to join me in being my brother’s keeper and defining brother as widely as I possibly can. I will smile at everyone I see. I will (try to) assume the best of all people no matter the circumstances. I will give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I will remember that we are all human beings. This is how we will heal each other. This is how we will heal the world.
This happened over the weekend.
This is Margrite Karabella Yarns in color 6 from Grandma’s Spinning Wheel. Yes I bought my yarn and cast it on instead of finishing the two sweaters I have going right now. Also, these have multiplied.
They are a wonderful break when my other knitting gets boring. This week is for cooking. I will try to resist the urge to take pictures of what I cook. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday to your holiday week.


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