Things that make me happy

Thing the first:

I may have a case of startitis. In the last two weeks, I bought this yarn destined to be socks.


And this yarn, also socks.


And this and this and this and this yarn.

image_22730912999_o image_22500487604_oimage_23109216732_oimage_22730879039_o

That second picture is a really cool yarn by Regia that is sent as a scarf and then you knit it from the scarf so you can match the stripes.

And then spent several hours stalking Ravelry for patterns. I cast on this sweater for my nephew.

Out of this yarn that I also got:


Finally started the sleeves on this sweater for my niece (does this count as starting or finishing?)

Have you seen these yet?

image_23109221692_o image_23134677061_o image_22730877239_o

They’re almost done, just the 2×1 ribbing for the second sock to complete.

I also made this today:


And we won’t talk about the queue of patterns I’m thinking about casting on.

Thing the second:

I am finally the proud owner of a shiny new vitamix. It was the demonstration on the store that put us over the top. The guy made HOT soup right there with nothing but ingredients and a vitamix. Turns out the blades skin so fast it creates heat and if you let it run for roughly six minutes, you get hot soup! I can’t tell you how impressed I am. We had hot soup for dinner last night that I made in fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes!! With fresh ingredients. I felt like Midas. Dudes, this is incredible. I can’t tell you.

If I could find a way to combine knitting and this vitamix I would be on top of the world. Maybe I’ll knit the caraf a cozy…

But not until after Christmas.

36 days until Christmas and I’m going to have to knit every last one of them.


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