Sunday, E and I did a bunch of Thanksgiving grocery shopping. We went to Costco and Natural Grocers and spent a pretty penny at both. When we were leaving Natural Grocers we realized that even though we’d spent a lot of money that day on groceries, it was mostly all for the holiday and we didn’t have anything to eat for dinner. So we stopped and got take out.

We were driving home eating our take out in the car because we were too hungry to wait until we got home when we passed several homeless people. The moment we passed the first person holding a sign on the sidewalk, I reflected on the ridiculous abundance of our life and the discrepancies that exist in our society.

E and I and our friends are making an extremely long list of food for Thanksgiving, including at least two kinds of meat, three different kinds of potatoes, two different kinds of stuffing, and at least three desserts. We will be feeding 13 people. That is a lot of people, but even 13 people don’t need three different kinds of potatoes. We’re doing it anyway.

Meanwhile, out on the street, there will be thousands of people around Tucson and millions of people around the country that will have either no or very little food to eat. That is why this holiday season I will be donating to Feeding America. Even $25 helps them provide 275 free meals to people in need. From their website:

The Feeding America network secures and provides food for families in need; operates programs that promote self-sufficiency; educates the public about hunger; and advocates for legislation that protects people from going hungry.

If Feeding America doesn’t work for you, here is a list of the top ten charities that fight hunger around the world. If you look around at your life this holiday season and see how blessed and abundant your table is, please consider sharing some of that abundance with the people who eek by every day. If all you can give is $5, then that is enough. Give what you can, every little bit helps.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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