Christmas Crunch a Little Early

So this happened:


After giving E an earful about how Christmas is important to me, makes me happy, decorations make me smile, and how anything that makes me smile should be something that he supports, he came home on Monday evening and got his enthusiasm (mostly) together. We put on Christmas music and decked the tree. Now all I want to do is sit by it and knit, preferably with a fireplace. It’s finally cold enough here to be missing our fireplace.

This also happened:


The green socks are in timeout because they were taking an unreasonable amount of time (the Yarn Harlot calls it a knitting black hole). They don’t need to be done until Christmas so I’m taking a break from them and knitting these instead, in Alpaca Sox in Ginger Potpourri. They are another Christmas present.

It occurs to me that even though it’s not December yet, I might need to make an actual list of all the projects I’m planning on knitting and the ones that I have started that need finishing. I’m beginning to worry that I may have bitten off a little more than I can knit.

I’ve found a new reason to love Christmas. It gives me the most epic excuse to sit and knit all day long without feeling like a layabout. If I knit like the wind now, maybe I won’t be under the gun come the week of Christmas.


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