Idioms and Christmas and Things for Feet

Today, all I have is a completely random collection of things. I couldn’t come up with anything cohesive, so this is what you get.

1. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the language we use and how many of our idioms and things we say are unnecessarily violent. Often we have no violent intentions, but someone just reading our words might think otherwise.

  • Take a stab at it.
  • Stick to your guns.
  • Killing time.
  • You’re joking! I’ll kill you!
  • Calling someone a Nazi, i.e. Soup Nazi, Cleaning Nazi, Book Nazi, etc.

2. I have nothing more to say about it. I just think it’s interesting and unfortunate.

3. My Christmas tree is lit, but still undecorated because E is rather unenthusiastic about it and as much as I want to decorate it, I don’t like to do it alone. I have this idea about certain traditions that a family should do together and decorating the tree is one of them. I cried one year when my mom decorated the tree without me. I’m putting Christmas music on when he gets home from work and hijacking his afternoon.

4. I now have two and a half socks and am very nearly out of yarn. I am going to have to cannabalize the first sock to finish the third sock. Why am I knitting a third sock? Because when I finished the first sock I realized it was way too narrow for the person in mind and way too long to be repurposed for my own uses, so I cast on for a wider second (first) sock. I couldn’t bring myself to frog the first sock before I had made progress on the second (first) sock and had a small hope that I’d have enough yarn for the third sock and be able to toss the first sock in the garburator.

image_22533194549_o (1)5. The socks are teeny and fiddly and the shawl is just fiddly and I was desperate for some none fiddly knitting. Enter these clogs, knit on size 13 needles with two strands of worsted held together. They are the perfect anti-fiddly knitting. I’ve knit several pairs of these by now and everyone loves them, so I’ll be needing at least two pair for Christmas gifts.


They get felted and end up a normal size. Although these are for my grandfather and he has giant feet so they will still be bigger than my feet once they’re felted.

6. I knit this shawl a long time ago. I finally blocked it, though I can’t remember what it’s knit out of, so I don’t know if it will hold its shape.


It’s going in the Christmas box, but I haven’t figured out who it’s for. Perhaps a little sister?

7. I’ve started to unpack the Christmas box. A few of the doors have been snowman-ified. The wisemen from my great aunt have been put out. And it looks like I’m missing a Christmas box. Up until last year I had everything condensed into one box, but last year my Christmas joy burst out into a second box. And now it’s missing.

8. That’s all I have.



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