Don’t look now, Christmas is Coming

Don’t get me wrong, Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday that I typically enjoy. I have spent most of the last ten years with a very large number of people at what my mother called thanksgiving for strays. She and my stepfather thought it up many years ago when they first were ministers together, and they knew a number of people who had nowhere to go for Thanksgiving dinner. And this started a popular and ever growing tradition. The first time we did it, I think there were something like 40 people there and last year there were close to 150. With the exception of a couple of thanksgivings spent with my husband’s grandparents, I have spent the large majority of the last decade of thanksgivings with a great big church family.

And then everyone moved away, including me. The closer the holidays creep, the more I miss my family, which is normal I suppose. But this year, all I want to do is skip over thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas. As I have mentioned, I am quite fond of Christmas. And this year, it is extra special because it means traveling to New Jersey to spend the holiday with my sister, my dad, and a the majority of my family. I am so looking forward to it. And so, I am pushing November as fast as it will go. I put up my tree last week. It will get ornamented this week, and then I think I’m going to break out the rest of the Christmas box so there’s Christmas cheer in every room of the house. I might even start wrapping presents. The only person that can stop me is my husband and I think we’ll all agree that he tries at his peril.
Conversation with my sister:
Me: I put up my tree.
Sister: Why so soon?
Me: Because it makes me happy.
Sister: Why didn’t you put it up in June!
Christmas is coming, and at least in this house, it’s already here.


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