The Power of the Knit or Not

Knitting starts to lose its efficacy at preventing knifing when I fail to note my changes to a pattern that requires me to knit two of the same thing. I was sitting at Wednesday night dinner last night, working on sock #2 in order to distract me from the waiting/impatience/frustration/obsession/analysis paralysis of playing Power Grid with five other people. Everything was going swimmingly until I hit the heel, remembered I ignored the bizarre heel instructions on the first sock in favor of a gusset heel, and failed to write down the number of increases or decreases I did. Trying to count stitches on the first sock while figuring out how much money I have and what I can afford to buy in the game were not compatible activities. And the knitting that was supposed to take the edge off of the analysis paralysis that occurs in these complicated multiple hour games, made it worse. The sock was abandoned after several attempts to turn the heel resulted in copious tinking (k-n-i-t -> t-i-n-k).

Needless to say, I did not win the game. And I didn’t make nearly as much progress on the second sock as I had planned. Sadie for the cuteness factor. She gets curious when I pull out the camera.
And also, I figured out the reason the first sock is a little difficult to put on. Not enough gusset increases, which is what I get for straying from the pattern on my second pair of socks ever. My rationalization for continuing on is that the socks are not for me. They are for a person with smaller feet than me and therefore smaller ankles for whom this number of gusset increases *should* be just fine. Right?
Halloween is on Saturday, which means that Christmas is very close by and the Christmas knitting I thought I had totally in hand may have gone off the rails a bit. How many socks can a newbie sock knitter knit in nearly two months? (Say that five times fast.) I have somewhere between 5 and 10 pairs in mind, anybody have a guess? Also, I don’t plan on knitting exclusively socks. It might not be a reasonable goal.
If you’re on my Christmas list and you don’t want socks, shout out now or forever hold your peas. Unless you have a yarn eating dog, and then your not getting socks, like ever. Because last year you got mitts, two pairs even, and your dogs ate them in 24 hours to a week. So no more small knitted items for you. Good thing you knit for yourself, or you live in the tropics because you’re never getting knitty things from me again! (Okay that’s a lie, you may get something knitty, but it will be something you wear above the waist because then maybe it will stay out of reach of your knit-eating hound.)


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