Quick and Dirty

  1. I finished traffic school.
  2. I have a piece of a second sock.
  3. Today is for (desperately) trying to get a hair cut, meeting with clients, possibly going to the grocery store, and praying I don’t get another headache.
  4. Having a headache for 48 hours is crazy making. I lost my shit both Monday and Tuesday night and I can only blame the headache which lowered my patience in a very severe way. Last night my head hurt so bad and had hurt for so long that I burst into tears when E wanted to go to sleep instead of continuing to rub my head. I was definitely unreasonable. Mercifully, I woke up this morning headache free.
  5. Some solid knitting should get done today. Although, at this point, that’s still just a sock and the shawl. Once I finish the socks I might have something more interesting to share…or maybe more socks.

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