Now Defunct

This late post is sponsored by a wicked headache and traffic school, which isn’t finished but gets no more of my time today.

We were in Albuquerque again this weekend.


I finally got to wear the shawl I finished for months ago (that took two years ish to complete). The wedding was lovely. Small and sweet and I was so grateful and blessed to be there.


My pictures are horrible. So that’s all you get. Trust me, or was beautiful and so were the brides.

We had a very brief visit with this beautiful girl (and her parents).


We had a lovely brunch with the Yarn Masons.


These are most of the ladies of my mostly defunct knitting/crocheting/coloring group that used to meet on Wednesday nights. (I’m writing this post on my phone, and it keeps auto correcting knitting to knifing. Anybody who knits knows knitting prevents knifing.) I see them almost every time I’m in Albuquerque. I miss them!


This is the now defunct Nestled in Color shawl I was so eager to start. The color work motif on the sides wasn’t working out due to the aforementioned and totally foreseeable yarn weight issue. It was just too much work and I love that fleece artist yarn too much to continue. So I frogged the whole thing (ripped it out) and started over with yarn of the same weight. image_22515328001_o

This is the same frog tree yarn from the first try, with Rowan baby merino in “sky”. You can see the motif so much better. It’s very satisfying.


And this is my plain knitting for when I have a headache or can’t focus on what I’m doing. (Socks that are almost certainly way too big for the intended recipient…)


This headache is kicking my butt and we have dinner plans this evening, so I’m going to go see if I can soak it away with a bath. Tomorrow, more substance, less pictures.


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