All about this shawl

nestled scarf

Picture from @lotzakatz on Ravelry

I am thrilled, absolutely enthralled with this pattern (pictured above) and this yarn in brown and the fleece artist in foliage. It’s a double-sided, two-color shawl with all sorts of techniques I’ve never used before. I’m so excited!


Clearly this is not evidenced by progress, but that is only because I didn’t finish the damn blanket until late yesterday and I had to shower, wrap a present, take care of the dogs, and get ready for my sister-in-law’s birthday dinner where it would have appeared rude for me to at the table during dinner.

Here’s the blanket (mostly) finished and unwashed, which *I hope* is why it’s not laying flat. We won’t discuss the fact that the yarn I used for the border was a different weight than the yarn I used for the rest of the blanket, which might mean that I totally screwed myself and this blanket will never lay flat…Also, there’s this:
Also, I’m sick. I woke up yesterday with a little ache in my throat (mostly when I yawned, isn’t that weird?) Anna’s add the day progressed the ache for worse and I started to feel pretty blah. Enter energy suck and lack of desire to (gasp!) knit.
It is only my incredible excitement for this project that gave me the will to cast-on and once I did, I didn’t want to put it down. If going to bed at the same time as my husband wasn’t important to me (and also if I wasn’t under the weather) I think would have knit to the wee hours of the knit, I mean, night.
Look how pretty! I can’t wait to start the color work for the snowflakes.
Yesterday when I was mooning over this yarn while in the 7th ring of blanket bind off hell, I realized that while I had taken a great deal of care to choose both the right color and right yardage of yarn for this project, I had somehow managed to forget that yarn weight is sort of important too. I pulled out the fleece artist and the frog tree yarn to check their gauge suggestions. The fleece artist is 26 stitches per 4 inches, the frog tree is 22 stitches per 4 inches. Either of these would work for this pattern, but the problem emerges when both are meant to be used at once for the same pattern. How will brioche rib turn out when knit ink two completely difference gauges? For now, I’m playing the denial game and hoping it will turn out just fine.  Stay tuned.


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