Live Lobo and Prosper

Last weekend we went to Albuqueruque for drill weekend and for my homecoming. Homecoming was a special event this year because it highlighted the 30th anniversary of Scribendi, an art and literary magazine of students in the Western Regional Honors Council. I was on staff at this magazine when I was at UNM.

This year’s homecoming theme was “Live Lobo and Prosper”, which resulted in this:


(I have to hope that they made an executive decision to mix and match versions of Star Trek and nobody actually thought these two belonged together…I’m not sure what Deanna Troy has to do with Live Long and Prosper either.)

Being surrounded by a large number of well educated academics doesn’t do much for one’s self-esteem. I walked out of the homecoming events feeling both inspired and defeated. There’s nothing like hearing about all the impressive and exciting things your old classmates and professors are doing to make you feel worse about your life. It doesn’t help that I have been questioning my life choices and reevaluating my priorities for quite some time now. I should’ve known that going to my alma mater full of people I’ve always wanted to impress was a terrible idea.

Every time someone asked me what I’ve been doing, I said that I run my own business. Which of course, is true. However after the weekend was over, E asked me why I don’t say that I ‘own my own business’.

It honestly never occurred to me. Is there such a big difference between “run” and “own”? Maybe saying “own” seems presumptive somehow? Makes it seem bigger or more exciting than it really is?

I guess I’ll start saying “own” from now on.


In other news, the Fleece Artist is mocking me. It’s sitting here in front of me begging to be knit. Even Sadie thinks it’s beautiful.


She keeps trying to steal it from it’s perch on the couch where it’s keeping my company, while I sit with this in my lap and contemplate the approximately 400 stitches that need binding off.image_22153025210_o

This picture does no justice to the breadth of this final step. You’ll notice it’s wound now. I seriously considered casting on my super exciting and knit-knowledge-expanding project, because oh yeah the rest of the yarn finally came, but I was foiled by the realization that I need the cable that’s in the above blanket in order to start it. Damn.

Look at all the pretty yarn.


It’s a little cairn pointing me in the direction of my motivation to finish that %&*^?$# blanket. As soon as I cast it on I’ll reveal the pattern. I’m so excited!



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