A day in the life

  1. My darling E wakes me up and some god forsaken time to kiss me goodbye and tell me that the guy we hired to clean up our atrocious yard is hard at work. Despite the fact that I’m home during the day, the weeds have gotten horribly out of control (the dogs get lost and come back covered in what E calls neeners). The landlord is coming by this weekend and we finally had to take care of it. The weedwacker noise punctuates my next couple hours of sleep.
  2. After a fitful night sleep, (in part because I never sleep through the night and contributed to by my bed mate), I wake up with a lack of sleep hangover when the phone rings at 9am. I would have no problem going back to sleep at this point, but sleeping past 9:30 makes me feel lazy.
  3. I am awake, but I stay in bed reading the archives of my favorite blog (this is the last one I read) for a long while.
  4. I finally get out of bed because my fur children will not be ignored. I feed them and let theIMG_1827 big one out into the backyard. My energy level is such that we hardly ever go for walks unless it’s at E’s urging. An indeterminate amount of time later I hear a scratch at the front door. I usually ignore anyone who comes to the front door during the day, because it’s typically someone selling something or the post dropping a package. (And also because I don’t like people much.) The scratch confuses me though and I think maybe a neighborhood dog got loose and lost. Turns out the neighborhood dog is floppy ear over here. The gardener left the rear gate open and Sadie went walkabout. I’m impressed to no end that she did the doggie version of knocking on the front door.
  5. In the meantime, I blend up my breakfast, pull out my computer, and have a seat on the couch, which mine as well have a permanent imprint of my tush on it. I spend the next several hours intermittently working, watching TV, getting up and down to tend to the dogs, staring off into space trying to figure out what today’s blog post will be about, and giving myself a hard time for all the things I’m not doing.
  6. I don’t
    • do the dishes
    • give the little one a bath bc she smells vaguely like pee
    • clean up the couch so there’s more than one place to sit
    • sweep or vacuum the dog hair tumbleweeds
    • shower
    • get dressed
    • mow the lawn
    • do the laundry
  7. I keep myself distracted – tv, knitting, surfing the internet – all afternoon so that I don’t have to think about #6 or how useless low energy I am today.
  8. I psych myself up for the evenings activities. This will take all the energetic fortitude I can manage.
  9. I’ll fall into bed, exhausted, and be unable to sleep.
  10. Monday – escapades from the rally.

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