Collection of things

    1. There is a new resources page available on the left. There aren’t very many links right now, but I will add more as time allows. If you think I should add something specific, throw it in the comments.
    2. I have officially cast on the second sock. So far so good…IMG_1825
    3. I am coveting this sock yarn and these super pointy and classy dpns for sock knitting. If I finish this pair of socks, I may not be able to stop myself from buying these things and casting on another pair.
    4. This is my new favorite thing to do. Our friends Glenn and Courtney have the set up and we look ridiculous, all four of us, trying to do the same dance moves in unison. It is both great fun and great exercise. The perfect combination if you suffer from any kind of mental health challenges. If you doubt the hilarity of this, go here and try not to laugh. Or better yet, just watch this:

5. I am not a wino, but I was still surprised to thoroughly enjoy this wine at dinner last night. That’s four bottles in one box! Very cool.

6. Did I mention I was coveting this yarn…productphoto

Isn’t it pretty?

7. Let’s see, what else? Did I tell you that my doctor told me I should eat fat on my diet? I already knew that, but I wasn’t eating very much to keep calories down. She told me that more calories from fat will help me lose weight. Bring on the avocados, oil, butter, and nuts! In other news, I’m not supposed to eat fruit. Bummer.

8. I ate two handfuls of pineapple at dinner last night before I remembered I wasn’t supposed to be eating fruit.

9. Dieting and being “stuck” at home, makes me want to buy yarn. Lots and lots of yarn.


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