Enjoy the weather

I have mentioned the weather before. Weather is important to me. I honestly didn’t realize how important it was until we moved to one of the sunniest places in the U.S. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the sun. I love the way it can warm you up on a cold day or make you (temporarily) grateful to walk outside from an a/c frozen building. I do not, however, love weeks on end of 90+ and 100+ degree weather.

I am from the east coast. I am very used to hearing a large number of people complain about being stuck inside during the (endless) winter and mountains of snow. Now granted, I have not lived in a place with mountains of snow in over ten years. However, the last winter I was on the east coast was in one of the snowiest universities in the country, Syracuse. I am no stranger to snow or cold. But I would take the deepest, snowiest, coldest dead of winter over the hottest, sweatiest, sunniest summer any day of the week.

This is obviously a personal preference. I know plenty of people who love hot summers and can’t stand the cold. People who live for spring.

October is my (usually) my favorite time of year. The leaves have changed, you need a sweater to go outside, there are pumpkins and leaves everywhere. Hot apple cider, cinnamon sticks, pumpkin pie, getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Living in the low southwest desert, I get none of those things in October (except the pumpkins of course). We have yet to have a below 90 degree day. There is no reason for sweaters or warm drinks.

According to the internet (at least in the few places I looked), climate does not really have an effect on one’s level of happiness. I’m sure you can find people who come down on both sides of this. But given how much I have been effected by my fish out of water move to the scorching desert, I was surprised to find that as far as research goes, climate doesn’t generally factor into a person’s level of happiness.

What about you? Do you live where you live in part because of the climate? What’s your favorite season in your latitude?

In lieu of cool weather and changing leaves, I am seriously considering putting up my Christmas tree…


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