Pairfect socks

I am not a knitter of socks. I am a knitter of fingerless mitts, hats, scarves, sweaters, cowls, shawls, and more. Several years ago I knit my very first sock. And that’s it. I finished it and never knit the second sock. I still have the first sock. I long ago used the rest of the yarn for a couple of pairs of mitts.

Mitts and socks have much in common. They come in pairs. They include miles and miles of plain boring knitting. And yet I have no problem knitting many, many pairs of fingerless mitts. I have not even considered knitting another sock since I finished the first one. Last week I developed the urge to knit socks.

I went to my local yarn store and browsed the sock yarn. I picked up this yarn to make this sock.

#07115 midnight color

This sock yarn is designed to be relatively fool proof. It looks fancy because of the stripes, but it is a self-striping yarn. Meaning that all you have to do is follow the pattern on the ball band – knit, knit, knit – and you end up with two perfectly matching socks that look like this.

With my sum total of one sock-knit-experience, I decided that the pattern on the ball band, which starts at the cuff (top down) and is just plain knitting the whole way, wouldn’t work for me. So, I decided to find a different pattern to use for this yarn. I chose this pattern. I wanted a pretty design and I wanted a toe-up pattern. This pattern meets both of those criteria.

I started knitting. I got to the second stripe and I realized that this self-striping yarn was designed for top down socks only. By choosing a toe-up pattern, I had taken idiot proof sock yarn and made a large mistake. I fluctuate between being the kind of knitter that fixes mistakes and the kind of knitter that adapts mistakes to make them look on purpose. I’m not sure how to make this look on purpose, but I’m not fixing it either. So there.

The leg of the sock will be perfectly plain in color – the better to see the lace pattern. Yeah, that’s why I did it.


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