Down came the rain

In an interesting turn of events, it has been raining all morning and is supposed to rain the rest of the day. After experiencing a monsoon season where it literally rains for 5 to 2o minutes at a time before and after which the sun shines without a cloud in the sky, I have grown very used to a great deal of very bright, very hot sun.

I have been complaining about the sun since we arrived in the middle of June at the height of the Tucson summer. If I really tried, I could probably count on one hand the number of hours I have spent outside in the sunlight in the last three months. I am a breed of creature that hibernates through the summer and when forced outside endeavor to be as close to water and shade as humanly possible.

I love cloudy, gloomy, windy, breezy, chilly, cold days. I love to wear layers, hats, gloves, thick comfy socks, warm shoes. I love hot cider, Autumn leaves, snow, hay rides, pumpkins, Christmas, Fall festivals, and more.

So, you will imagine my surprise when I walked out of my bedroom this morning, into my living room, and thought to myself, “Where is the sun? It’s so gloomy. I need sun!” And then I walked around the house opening up the blinds as wide as they would go to let in as much sun as possible.

So here’s what I’ve decided, while I still love the cooler weather (and passionately hate the 95 to 110 degree Tucson norm), I also love the warm sun. Actually, it is the combination of these two things rather than simply the cold, that make Fall my favorite time of year. The best part of Fall is wrapping up to go outside and then being blessed by both the cool air and the warm sun at the same time. The key, not freezing and not melting.

I am told that there is some chance of experiencing this sweet spot somewhere between November and February. Check back in March. If this sweet spot hasn’t made an appearance, I will be packing up my dogs and driving north for the Summer. Who wants a seasonal roommate?


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