Sweet Dog to a Good Home

In his book on surviving depression, William Styron writes,”in the absence of hope we must still struggle to survive, and so we do–by the skin of our teeth.”

Here is where I am – surviving by the skin of my teeth. The burden of responsibility for a marriage, a home, a job, my life, and three dogs has become more than I can carry on a daily basis. And thus, Erik and I have come to realize that the something that has to give is caring for three dogs. Those of you who know me, know that my dogs are my family. Each one has helped see me through some dark times.

We are not giving up all three of our pups, just our middle one – Sanka.

sanka sanka and koda erik and sanka


This is our Sanka – our little love bug. He is the snuggliest dog I think I have ever met; I am fairly certain he was a cat in a past life. He will climb under the covers and keep your butt warm, climb into your lap or onto your legs if your lap is not available. His goal in life seems to be – to lay as close to you as possible.

He is well trained in the way of sit, stay, go to bed, kennel, barking in the house, and house training. He is not well trained in the way of jumping and barking at the neighbors when he is outside – he will also bark when the doorbell rings.

Sanka is also alpha dog and feels the need to make sure every dog that he hangs out with is aware of this fact. Therefore, it is necessary that he go to a home where he will be an only dog, with no children under the age of 10 and no cats.

It pains me to have to write this post, to have to look for another home for our sweet Sanka, but my sanity must come first. So, I’m asking you to look into your heart, into your list of friends, and find him a good, loving home.

Thank  you for your help and for your prayers.





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