Every day, my relationship with my dogs becomes more love/hate. I love when Sadie sits calmly by my side to be pet, when Sanka curls up as close to me as he can get and falls asleep, when Koda sits nearby on the arm or the back of the sofa. But these moments are more and more often the exception instead of the rule.

Koda poops in the foyer at night even though we take her out one more time than the other dogs. She also barks when she wants food or to come in the house. Sanka is the most well-behaved, except that he jumps like a kangaroo on people and on the door when he wants to come inside – over and over and over and over and over…you get the idea. And Sadie, our puppy who yesterday, turned six months old. Her faults can all be blamed on adolescence. Peeing when she’s excited, jumping, scratching at the back door to be let in the house, whining in her crate or trying to dig out of it, chewing on cords. These are all things out of which (if God loves me) she will grow.

In the mean time, this morning when I was trying to get her to go into the crate to be fed and she decided to run away from me, I sat down on the carpet and cried. And then of course, she came over to investigate. I guess I have a new plan of attack.

Now don’t get me wrong, the Sadie running away from me was simply the proverbial straw.  I don’t regularly go around crying about dogs that won’t listen or who refuse to learn the proper way to behave. I do, however, regularly go around stressed out by the laundry, the bills, the state of the bathrooms, the number of times I have to leave the house, the upcoming bills, what to make for dinner, grocery shopping, the state of the house in general, and any number of other things. The puppy running away from me when I was trying to give her breakfast? That was just the icing on top of the crap-cake.

My life is good. I have a lot for which to be grateful.  I have a wonderful husband, a nice, dependable car to drive, a lovely house, friends, family, food, clothes, and plenty of toys, among other things.

But most days, I wake up and have to rack my brain for something to make me get out of bed. Most days, it’s the dogs.

Anybody want one?


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