From the Road

Oh boy has it been a long time. And this is just going to be a quick one.

We are camped out at a Days Inn in Pratt, Kansas for the night as part of our three day trek to Eagle River, Wisconsin. We’re meeting our good friends at a cabin there and planning a grand old time.

But in the meantime, I’m camped out at a Days Inn in the middle of Kansas. I don’t have a problem with Pratt really – just that it’s an unfamiliar place in the middle if an even more unfamiliar state. The real problem is the Days Inn. It’s comfortable enough, as far as cheap roadside motels go, but it’s one of those places where each room has a door directly to the parking lot. No buffer between me and the outside world. I usually avoid places like this – generally opting for hotels rooms
you have to walk through the lobby to reach.

So here I lay, piqued by every noise outside the door, not sleeping. It’s not like I have anything important to do tomorrow – just a ten hour drive. I guess I’ll sleep when I’m dead.


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