I Always Fall in Love (with TV characters)

As a part-time business owner and full-time housewife, I spend a lot of time watching television. I watch TV while I’m working, while I’m knitting, while I’m folding clothes, eating lunch, making dinner, etc. With the advent of Netflix, HuluPlus, and Amazon Instant Video I watch entire series from episode one on a regular basis. This kind of binge watching makes it incredibly difficult NOT to fall in love with entire casts of characters. I spend more time with most of these characters than with any real person, even my husband I think.

And why do I so easily incorporate even characters I dislike at first into my “TV” family, when I haven’t made a new friend in the last five years?

I can laugh and cry and watch riveted as television’s sweethearts come together, then crash and do it all over again. But never once do they turn and watch as I do the same. I can judge them and love them and hate them all without them ever thinking anything about me. On an afternoon when I am sad and lonely, my TV family won’t for one second judge me, making them the absolute safest people to hang out with.

But what that really means is that I spend almost all my time alone with fake people for friends and family. It might be safer, but it isn’t love.


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