For my last post of the week, let’s take a break from the hospital posts. So, what’s new?

Things with SSM are heating up. The deadline for my current project (website development) is fast approaching and I have a few interested parties in the pipeline. So things could get busy around here really soon.

I hate the deadline that’s approaching. Not simply because it’s a deadline, but because it means I’ll no longer be working on this website. I’d prefer to have some kind of continuing role so that I could continue to tweak it as necessary. I’m afraid to let it off lead and see if it walks as expected.

What if I’m really just a fraud, pretending that I can do the things I say I can do? What if I’m selling false promises? My faith in myself is shockingly absent. 

But then, starting a business is inherently risky, so I’m sure some of my anxiety is simply a result of that risk. 

Not that I have much to lose. We don’t really have any money in it – only time invested. And some measure of self-worth perhaps. It’s been so long since I worked in any professional capacity. I’m not sure I can still do it – I’m not sure I ever could. I failed once, twice, so why not a third time? 

Well, third time’s the charm, right? 


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