The Unknown

The night before I voluntarily head to the hospital and I can’t sleep. I guess that’s not much of a surprise. What does surprise me is the appalling lack of information on the program I am about to try to check myself into. There is not a single review, first person account, or even description of the facilities anywhere to be found. Which means, I cannot prepare myself beyond bracing myself for the unknown.

This also means that I plan to pay as much attention as I can so that I can catalog the experience here for any other person who might try to find information on this program. I’m going to wait to add any details until I’m back. But I just wanted to give whoever has been reading an explanation as to why the blog is about to go dark for a couple weeks. Maybe I’ll convince Erik to write a guest post. I doubt it.

Erik said to me earlier that he went to Air Force Basic Training to become better, even though he knew, for a variety of reasons, that it would be really hard. He said me going to the hospital is kind of like that. Even though we don’t know for sure that it will make me better, we have to hope that it will.

Well, here’s hoping.


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