Anxiety Ladder

Another appointment with my psychiatrist, a new medication. And this time it’s a new, new medication. Something just put on the market. Oh joy. My favorite kind. Because no one knows for sure if it will work, how it will work, what the side effects will actually be, and the drug company has rainbows coming out of its you-know-what trying to sell the damn thing.

First side effect to watch out for, drowsiness. Great, this again?

In even worse news, my psychiatrist has informed me that there is absolutely nothing else I can take to help with my anxiety, which is only getting worse. I have stepped up the ladder on anti-anxiety meds over the last two years and I have hit a very solid, not at all breakable, ceiling.

What fun.

Erik’s continued absence leaves me shaky at best. Despite the many avenues I know exist for getting me off my butt and out of my house, I have a long list of excuses not to open the door – starting with the undone chores and ending with my inability to answer the doorbell. (Which, very uncharacteristically, rang twice today.)

Here’s hoping things get better soon.



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