My husband, Erik, is going away for two weeks. He is being sent off by the Air Force for an educational thingy*, during which he will be “working” approximately five hours a day and then doing whatever he wants for the rest of the day.

He will not learn new things. He will not have fun or relax or go see his family that lives nearby. He will sit in his room and be sad and lonely and contemplate buying a sewing machine and pretend that he will use it. Oh wait.

That’s me.


*There’s a title to this thingy, and a purpose, and if you ask Erik he will tell you. If you really want to know, post a comment and I will have Erik respond, because I could only explain it if my life depended on it and really, and just this moment, it doesn’t.

**Also, I’m pretty sure I’m using “transference” incorrectly here.


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