Marriage Moment

Erik looked at his wedding ring today and commented on all the scratches, nicks, and dents it has acquired. Here is what ensued (with liberties for memory’s sake):

E: It’s gotten all dinged up.
Me: It’s like our marriage.
(E: Looking at me horrified.)
Me: (Backpedaling) I just meant that we’ve been through some rough patches.
E: No we haven’t, we’re perfect.
Me: You’re in denial.
E: No I’m not.
Me: Come on, you know we’ve had some trouble.
E: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Me: Oh, so I’m in denial?
E: Nobody’s in denial. Our marriage is perfect.
Me:Oh, ok. So, our marriage is in denial.

Made myself laugh with that one. 😀


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