Work Marathons

This week totally snuck up on me and then barreled right over me and kept on going. This week is one of the 11-day straight work marathons that Erik is subjected to once a month. I knew it was coming; it’s on my wall calendar and my digital calendar. I still wasn’t prepared.

We are a one car, one scooter family. So, when Erik works 11-days straight (and takes the car because he hasn’t taken the class yet that will allow him to drive on base) it really cramps my ability to keep the house running. Trips to the grocery store are severely limited, no Costco runs, no trips with the dogs, no recycling gets taken to the drop off, etc.

My activities are limited to what I can accomplish on a scooter with barely one cubic foot of storage space. Not to mention the freakishly cold/windy weather we’ve been having.


This is totally the set up I need!
Normally, I stock up before these 11-day work marathons. I’m typically prepared. The recycling goes out the weekend before, the dogs get a trip to the dog park, the pantry is full, and I’m ready to motor about to my various appointments on the scooter.
Not so, this time. This time we added a few complications just to make things interesting. Tomorrow I’m leaving for a weekend women’s retreat. Erik took a contracting job working 5pm to midnight for the next three Fridays starting tomorrow. All day Saturday and Sunday he will be taking a mandatory motorcycle safety course (so he can finally take the scooter on base and leave me the car). And next weekend we’re finally having our housewarming party. (Find me on Facebook for an invite.)

So what would normally be a small inconvenience has turned into a veritable tornado of deadlines and complications. Forget the recycling, Costco, and the dog park; I have to make sure there’s food in the fridge for when Erik finally gets home.

So it’s Thursday night and I had the car today, but I also had to work all morning, an appointment at 3pm, someone coming to the house at 5:30pm to give us an estimate on landscaping the backyard before the party, and someone else coming at 6:30pm to see about renting our extra room.

In between all of that I was supposed to do laundry, pack for the retreat, buy groceries, make dinner for tonight and something for the weekend, clean the room for rent before 6:30pm, get the dogs ready to go to the kennel, and who knows what else.

Only half of that got done and I’ll give you one guess what this does to my anxiety and depression. More on that next week. I have absolutely no excuse for spending time at the computer.

Wish me luck. See you Monday!


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