Can You See Where You’re Going?

I was sitting in traffic today waiting at a red light behind a car going straight in a lane with a green right arrow. I have totally been that person, but I was still frustrated. The other light finally turned green and I was able to make my right turn and be on my way. It was with this fading frustration in my head that I ended up stuck behind a large van in a long line of stopped traffic. This time, instead of getting frustrated, I thought, Sometimes it’s better not to be able to see where you’re going. And then I did an internal double take, and thought, That sounds an awful lot like a metaphor for life. This led to an internal debate about life and whether it’s better to see where you’re going or just take it as it comes.

In reality, we’re all in the dark about what’s coming in the next minute. To some extent, we’re prepared; we make decisions about what to do in any given moment, which leads to whatever we will be doing. We can “predict” the near future based on the current moment. Except when we’re stuck behind big white van’s that block all view of what’s coming next.


So, would you rather be stuck behind the van or would you break a few rules to find a way around it?

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